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Complications and Treatment for Bunion Pain Relief

 What is a Bunion

Having a bunion is a common case nowadays that pertains to the inappropriate metatarsal phalangeal joint (big toe joint)bunion pain treatment image alignment. The complications may emerge due to the enlargement of the big toe base joint area or can also be caused due to the formation of a new bone adjacent to the big toe. This eventually leads the big toe to get pointed outward (Hallux valgus deformity). This sort of misalignment can eventually lead to pain, swelling, formation of bursitis (inflammation near the joint due to the fluid filling and sac formation) etc.

 Causes of Bunion Pain

A glance at the causes of the emergence of Bunion chronic pain can help people to take care of their foot and avoid such occurrences. There are no precise causes stated by the orthopedic specialists that can lead to the Bunion misalignment. However, there are some probable reasons for the development of such realignments.

  • The abnormal foot functioning like overpronation can arise due to genetic factors inherited from the parents can be a major cause of Bunion emergence. Bunion complications due to hereditary factors generally form at a younger age.

  • More often wearing extremely high and pointed heel shoes have been blamed for Bunion pains. Shoes do not directly cause the misalignment but may worsen the conditions and lead to swelling, redness and severe pains.

  • Bunion deformities can emerge due to the unequal length of the two legs where the leg with the greater height experiences more pressure and may develop Bunion.

  • Bunion symptoms can also result due to the presence of neuromuscular disorders or the nerve inflammation near the big toe. If there has been a fracture or broken bone in the adjacent area, then the misalignment can lead to bunions.

Bunion Symptoms

  • Swelling of the metatarsal phalangeal joint (big toe joint)Ease Bunion Pain Pictures

  • Skin irritation near the bunion area due to unusual enlargement

  • Stiffness and painful joints near the big toe

  • Inappropriate positioning of the big toe inclined towards the other toes

  • Formation of redness near the joints

  • Chronic pain experience while wearing foot wear

Pictures of Complications and Treatment for Bunion Pain ReliefBunion symptoms are often regarded as gout complications. However, there are certain differences in these cases. The bunion pain remains continuously until some steps are taken while the gout pain occurs between intervals. Bunion trouble results due to the deformity of the joints.

Bunion Diagnosis

Upon the emergence of the above mentioned symptoms, doctors attempt to diagnose the Bunion problems. During the examination, the anatomy of the foot is considered to find the position of the bones and the joints. X ray films are taken in a standing position through Radiography to detect the conditions beneath the foot and exact position of the joints. This is also helpful in finding if there is any sort of gout or arthritis complications in the adjacent areas.

Bunion Treatment

The Bunion may either be painful or without any complications. In case of the absence of pain, the patients may not require any treatment. While painful Bunions require a treatment to ensure you can carry out your regular activities. The Bunion treatment can be categorized under three groups:

Non Surgical Bunion Treatment: The non surgical procedures involve the implementation of some support system for the toes to ensure bunion pain relief.

  • Bunion Pad Support: The Bunion pads are uniquely designed to provide support at the bottom of the foot adjacent to the big toe. The pad is placed at the back side of the big toe and the below the foot to ward off the pressure on the painful areas. Since there are many brands selling Bunion pads of different shapes, it is very important to purchase the properly designed one. Consult your doctor to get the best one.

  • Medicines: There are several non prescription medicines available in the market that can provide effective relief to your bunion pain. Tylenol (a kind of acetaminophen), non-steroid based anti-inflammatory property enhanced medicines such as aspirins can provide great relief. However to select the right alternative, consult your doctor.

  • Physiotherapy: This is one of the most effective non surgical treatments that can effectively provide great results to cure the complications completely. The Physiotherapy movements and muscle relaxation for proper positioning of the nerves and the bones need to be executed under expert guidance to achieve utmost success.

Surgical Bunion Treatment: The surgery is recommended to patients who do not benefit from the non surgical treatments.

  • Metatarsal Osteotomy: This surgical procedure involves the removal of small bone wedges from the foot area.bunion treatment picture

  • Phalangeal Osteotomy: Almost same to the Metatarsal Osteotomy. The bone wedges are removed from the toe.

  • Lapidus Procedure: The surgeon conducts a joint fusion in the area where the mid foot joins the metatarsal bone.

  • Bunionectomy or Exostectomy: This surgery is conducted to remove the portion of the lump or foot swelling out.

Some precautions are important during the post surgical period. The stitches need to be kept free from water contact during the entire period. The stitches are removed after a period of about 2 to 3 weeks as per the case. During this period there are certain restrictions in the diet, daily physical activities etc. Following them is mandatory for quick recovery.

Home Remedies for Bunion Pain:

  • Cozy Shoes: Soft roomy shoes can be worn at home that has spacious toe boxes to keep the toes in proper position. The foot pad should be soft enough with flat soles and supportive arches to ensure comfortable walking.

  • Ice Application: Put some ice cubes in a cloth and wrap properly. Apply them to the swollen area of the foot for bunion pain relief. Do not exceed the application time more than 20 minutes at an instance.


Researches and statistics reveal that women are at a greater risk compared to men in developing Bunion problems. Wearing extremely tight footwear, narrow toed designed shoes and pointed high heels can raise the possibilities of Bunion formation. Those who remain barefoot are at a less risk that those who wear shoes most of the time of the day.

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Are You Searching for Effective Bunion Relief?

Are You Searching for Effective Bunion Relief?

If you are a woman it is likely that you wear high heeled shoes.

Because of these fashionable but unhealthy shoes you may be suffering from painful bunions and be seeking some bunion relief.

A bunion is an enlargement of the joint, typically the joint of your big toe caused by an increased Effective Bunion Relief imagebone formation.

This causes persistent pain, discomfort and in some cases misalignment of the toe and subsequent toes.

For some women who already have foot problems a bunion may make pain worse, and for others a bunion causes chronic pain and impedes the ability to walk properly.

Some Ways to get Bunion Relief

There are a few ways to relieve the pain of a bunion without surgery.

Over the counter drugs that alleviate swelling and inflammation as well as relieving pain such as ibuprofen or aspirin and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) drugs help with mild bunion pain.

bunion splint

Bunion Splint

If you are rarely seen without your pointy toed pumps it could be time to trade in your high heels for some proper walking shoes to help relieve the pressure on your bunion.

In more severe cases bunion pain relief can be obtained with a steroid injection into the joint of the big toe.

Cortisone is a common inject-able drug used to treat bunion pain.

There also the physical support products that may help relieve some of the discomfort like the bunion regulator and the bunion splint or as they are also called toe correctors.

Some of these having a night time supports with extra cushioning for comfort while sleeping.

There is a lot a bit of rest, ice an anti inflammatory (to relieve pain and reduce swelling) and the right correctly fitting pair of shoes can do for bunion relief.

These treatments are temporary measure to relieve pain and discomfort caused by bunions, and cannot reverse the damage already done to your feet.

If simple bunion relief methods are not working for you speak with a podiatrist and your doctor about bunion surgery.

The surgery for a bunion includes removing the bony formation, realigning the big toe and possibly inserting stabilizing screws into the joint.

This will cure the persistent pain and provide you with easier mobility and bunion relief. bunion splint picture

Sadly, this is not always a permanent and successful surgery. Be sure to consider all the options.

Many times patients experience a painful healing process after surgery only to find that the repair does not last.

The main goal of bunion surgery is to relieve pain and improve mobility not to improve the appearance of the foot.

After surgery it is very important to follow your physicians recovery instructions to get the most effective bunion relief.

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Relief From a Painful Bunion With a Bunion Splint

Bunion Splint

A bunion splint can help relieve a good deal of the pain and discomfort of a bunion. They do not heal the bunion but providbunion splinte relief from the painful bunion.

When fitted properly the splint works by separating the toes from each other creating cushioning and also redistributing the pressure over a larger area thus reducing pain and discomfort.

They come in a various materials and types, some for night time use and some for use during the day. Most come with Velcro fasteners making adjustment and application of the splint simple and easy. Some of the bunion splints come with an anti bacterial properties to prevent infection and reduce foot odor

A day time bunion splint is usually soft and flexible and need to be usually used in a wider width shoe than you would normally wear to accommodate the splint. This can relieve a deal of the pain when walking or standing during the day.

Night Time Bunion Splint

night time bunion splint Bunion splints for use when sleeping are usually a bit more rigid than the day time ones, but still being somewhat flexible.

As expected they help relieve the pain and discomfort from the bunion at night helping you sleep easier. They can also help with realignment of the toe joints.

A Bunion splint can also employed after a bunionectomy to protect the area reduce swelling and aid toe joint alignment and healing after the bunion surgery.


Tips on looking after your Bunions

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Are you having trouble finding bunion relief ?

Looking for Bunion relief? Are You like many women out there who wear high-heeled shoes to work? Do you suffer discomfort and pain and can’t wait to remove those high heels at the end of the day?

Then more than likely you probably are suffering from bunions and looking for some pain relief fast.

Those of the male gender who are likely to be prone to this affliction would be men playing athletic sports that involve a lot of running.

Those individuals that are in employment that means they walk quite a distance every day or even just standing a lot during the working  day can experience the discomfort of bunion pain.

It’s not fun to be at work at the best of times but to do it with painful bunions just makes it worst so why suffer when there are remedies available for that painful bunion .

Bunion relief


Generally located at the joint of your big toe, the enlargement is due to increased bone formation and can cause discomfort and considerable  pain, as well as causing misalignment of the big toe.

For some, this may be an annoying discomfort and pain in certain situations, but for others it may cause chronic pain, and grossly affect their ability to walk.

The most common cause and exacerbating  factors is to tight or ill fitting shoes, so sometimes just getting a correct fitting pair of shoes can relieve a great deal of the problem.

There is a great deal rest, ice and an anti-inflammatory (for pain control and to reduce swelling) and correctly fitting shoes can do for bunion pain relief.

This can reduce future occasions of  bunions but if they are  already formed and painful you may need look  further  into more effective treatment to get bunion relief.

Methods for Bunion Relief

For those that are experiencing  bunion pain, there are some methods that may help bring  bunion relief.

Like many other aches, pains, and maladies, rest and treatment with an over-the-counter NSAID (non-steroidal ant-inflammatory drug) such as ibuprofen or aspirin may help with  bunion pain relief in mild cases.

If you’re one of those women that like to wear restrictive shoes, it may be time to trade in your heels for walking shoes.

For cases a little more extreme, an injection of a steroid like cortisone into the inflamed big toe joint may also assist with bunion relief pain.

This treatment, like the others, is only treating and relieving  the symptoms, and will not have long-term  complete healing effect.

Surgery for bunion relief

If you have tried the conservative options without success, talking with a podiatrist about surgical treatment for your bunion may be appropriate.

Persistent pain and decreased functionality may be rectified by removal of the bony formation and realignment of the big toe, even insertion of stabilizing screws.

If this is a treatment you are evaluating, be aware that this is not always considered to be a successful surgery.

Often, the fix for the aligned toe may not last, and healing may be painful. A primary goal when undergoing this surgery is generally to relieve pain, not to improve cosmetic appearance.

Carefully following and instigating the doctor’s orders post surgery is certainly necessary to gain full bunion relief.

Do I Need Bunion Surgery?

Do I Need Bunion Surgery?

Is bunion surgery an option for me? If you’ve been suffering from bunions to the point it is unbearable you may need talk to your physician about the various options for bunion surgery.

Bunion surgery

Bunion surgery is not always the real answer to bunion problems and seeking out other less involved bunion pain relief solutions could help in many cases. There are many forms of bunion treatment and therapeutic aids available, surgery should be a last resort.

Bunion surgery consists of re-alignment of the big toe or “hallu valgus.” What this surgical procedure accomplishes is to correct the misalignment of the big toe and remove any deformities that have resulted from the misalignment.

The bunionectomy is performed using an incision to the left or right of the big toe (depending on which foot), once the incision is made the growth material covering the bone is removed by cutting it away.

Once this process is finished the bone realignment stage begins and this is normally done by reshaping the bone while realigning it with the toe. This may take the use of pins and screws but once this process is finished, the toe area will look normal and in a few weeks you will be able to resume some activity.

Bunion Surgery

Bunion Surgery

On occasion the problem with this procedure is that it may not always go as planned. This can be due to the extent of the deformity as well as the recovery period If the problem is with the deformity the procedure can take longer and be more extensive. If this is the case, most of this is caused by more bone having to be removed than previously predicted. This by far is not the only issue.

The other issue can be the recovery time. Some patients that have this procedure done do not wait the entire recovery period after bunion surgery; they try to get back on their feet before the full recovery period is over. If this happens, it is possible that patient can cause trauma to this area and tear stitches that are on the inside of the toe and as a result interfere with the recovery process.

Recovery from Bunion surgery

These surgical procedures are very delicate and need the full amount of recovery time to be fully effective.

Normally people that suffer from bunions have them on both feet. When seeing your physician about a surgical procedure they will normally tell you they will not operate on both feet at once.

Normally they will perform the operation on one side then after full recovery, work on the other.

The healing process is anywhere from 5-8 weeks before you are fully able to walk with full pressure on this area, but many people have stated it is more like 4-6 months.

In the first 4-6 weeks you will wear special surgical shoes until the swelling and pain subsides.

The other requirement is not wearing shoes that are too small as well as not wearing high heels. The surgical procedure is an outpatient process in which you are able to go home after the process is finished.

Although you will need a wheel chair or crutches. Because of the extensive downtime many people opt out of bunion surgery and prefer one of the other less intrusive bunion treatments, to get bunion pain relief.

Will a Bunion Regulator Provide You with Relief?

What symptoms indicate the need for a bunion regulator?

Are you not clear on whether or not you have a bunion? Below you will find certain symptoms which are indicative of the condition.

The various symptoms related to bunions, including pain, are exhibited in a number of ways. It is

Bunion Regulator

Bunion Regulator

possible to have a bunion and experience no symptoms at all.

Has the shape of your toes changed? This is typically the initial symptom that will arise, and it is usually easy to spot.

Does it seem to be curving inward toward the other toes? This symptom is a good indication that you are suffering from a bunion.

Redness, inflammation, or pain at the base of the big toe, at the joint, are other common symptoms that bunions cause.

The majority of individuals who have bunions and the associated negative side effects, will generally find that utilizing a bunion regulator with high quality shoes, will significantly alleviate their pain.

Doctors and podiatrists alike suggest that a doctor make the determination as to whether thebunion regulator is sufficiently alleviating the pain or if there is a need for corrective surgery to give the sufferer a more long lasting bunion relief.

Bunion Treatment Tips

A bunion is one of the most familiar foot problems. Bunions are most often reported as a lump on the side of the big toe or foot disorders that develop as well as the enlargement on the inside of the big toe joint, and moves to the smaller toes, bunions occur nearly 10 times more often in women than men.

Bunions are usually caused by shoes that are narrow, pointed shoes, or high-heeled, and shoes that are too small. That’s why more women suffer from bunions than men.

Bunion treatment depends on various factors, such as, your particular foot shape, your physical activities, symptoms and intensity of your deformity, the acuteness of the pain or discomfort etc.. Your overall goal is to make sure you do notbunion treatment hamper your recovery process by trying to rush your bunion treatment progress. Obviously, if the pain experienced when stretching or exercising, then medical advice will needed to be obtained to ensure no further injury results.

Bunion symptoms include severe pain, redness, inflammation and sometimes a burning sensation and numbness. There are many bunion treatment options for bunions and they will vary with the type and severity of each bunion and also will depend on what is causing the symptoms. The following are effective ways to implement bunion treatment

Anti-inflammatory drugs, such as aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen, can reduce inflammation and pain, use cold compresses on the side pain is sometimes helpful in relieving bunion pain.

Orthotics may also help slow the progression of a bunion and also treat related symptoms, some bunions develop inflamed bursa, which can be treated with corticosteroid injections.

Your doctor may recommend applying one of the commercial bunion splints, bunion regulators, toe separators or cushioning pads which are not too rigid or drag on a bunion, or bunion shield to reduce rubbing and bunion pain.

Basically, joint pain developed here showed degeneration of joint cartilage. Also make it a habit to apply moisturizer, some like balm to the heel. And also you should avoid the use of shoes that are narrow, and pointed high-heeled shoes.

First time in the morning can be the most painful for some patients because the ligaments tighten up during the night when we sleep, pain may return after a stand or case of most activity. Gentle stretching and activities like yoga and tai chi in the morning can loosen and warm the ligaments giving relief of pain and discomfort.

Hallux valgus better known as a bunion, is not a untreatable affliction, the disease is treatable and not contagious. So don’t put up with pain and discomfort any longer as you may just be making the problem worst the longer you put it off. Looking for bunion treatment that is effective and pain relieving for you should be fairly easy and inexpensive.

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“very comfortable”

I’ve used these splints for a couple of years now, and this one is very comfortable. They have helped prevent progression of my bunion and decreased some of the angle on the toe. Read more

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Bunion High Heel Shoes

How to Buy Women’s Shoes : Fitting Shoes with Bunions and Foot Problems

Learn how to fit shoes with foot problems in this free video series on buying shoes for women. Expert: Esther Rodrigues Bio: Esther Rodrigues has been with t…

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Tips to Avoid Foot Pain From High Heels

Mon, 08 Oct 2007 23:26:15 GMT

Do the most important men in your life — and the shoe boxes in your closet — bear the names Manolo, Jimmy C, Enzo, and Stevie M? If so, then there’s a good chance high heels are a part of your life. But unlike Carrie Bradshaw in Problems range from common concerns like bunions, corns, and calluses to more complex issues like misshapen hammertoes or that excruciating pain in the ball of the foot that seems to grow worse with each passing year. Still, many women refuse to 

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Bunion High Heel Shoes imageWhy it is not high-heels that cause bunions

Tue, 18 Feb 2014 19:26:31 GMT

Bunions are not always painful, but in many cases they are. High-heel shoes tend to be smaller in the forefoot area, or even pointed; these types of shoes simply press more on the bunion and can cause pain. However, it is 

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To Bunion Or Not To Bunion?

Tue, 25 Feb 2014 05:30:24 GMT

So why do women continually ‘seek-out’ this unnecessary pain? Shoes define a person. They shape, mould and construct both the physical and mental human body. High heels, a creation that has ‘advanced’ with today’s 

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Every Woman’s Guide to Foot Pain Relief

Links foot pain to a variety of medical disorders while sharing advice on how to heal and prevent pain and slow related damage to the rest of the body, identifying options for recommended footwear at various times of life.

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Merrell Women’s Evera Shift Sandal Review

Overall Rating (based on Amazon customer reviews): 4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars

Merrell Women's Evera Shift Sandal,Black,8 M US

The specs of ‘Merrell Women’s Evera Shift Sandal,Black,8 M US’ are:

  • Manufacturer: Merrell
  • Product Dimensions: 12.3×7.6×5.1 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 1.8 pounds

Here are some REAL customer reviews:

“Comfortable, stylish”

These shoes (in brown) are versatile. They can be dressed up or down. The level of comfort is outstanding. They can be worn all day on an active, busy day. The leather is soft and light. The only problem is putting them on. It takes time an effort… Read more

“Lightweight and comfy with orthotics”

I decided to try Keen’s running shoes for my fast walking and bumming around town. I had been wearing Nike Freeruns but the toebox was pretty narrow and cramps my feet. I do a lot of yoga and like my toes to be able to spread out, naturally. Keen sandles… Read more

“Light weight, comfortable shoe”

These shoes are made in the quality of a traditional Keen shoe but light weight and breathable. They have raised circular patterns on the sole for great traction and run true to size or slightly larger. They are great for trail running or hiking as well… Read more

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Bunion Treatment Shoes

 BunionTreatment Shoes and Orthotics

Sun, 15 Dec 2013 08:27:00 GMT Bunion Treatment Shoes image

I questioned writing this post because I’ve used my own foot as an example. I’m not having a pity party but hopefully offering a solution to the many who have an inherited bunion and find it difficult to find comfortable shoes.

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Stylish Bunion Treatment Shoes

Sun, 16 FBunion Treatment Shoes pictureeb 2014 05:26:33 GMT

The original post from 2008 was deleted and replaced with a 2013 update with current footwear. From my own experience with bunions caused by rheumatoid arthritis, I highly recommend these brands and styles.

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Orthopedic Shoes

Thu, 13 Feb 2014 23:50:23 GMT

Orthopedic shoes are useful for many different foot and health concerns while focusing on creating comfort. People with diabetes, or people who have generally sensitive feet, usually decide to wear orthopedic shoes.

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slwc and orthopedic shoes

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Natural Foot Care

Keep your feet healthy, strong, beautiful, and feeling great with targeted massages, luxurious creams and soaks you can make yourself, easy strengthening exercises, at-home pedicures, and specific herbs and foods to add to your diet. You’ll find dozens of delicious ways to care for your feet!

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 Trainer’s Choice Orthopedic Shoe Post-Op, Male, Review

Overall Rating (based on Amazon customer reviews): 3.0 out of 5 stars
3.0 out of 5 stars

Trainer's Choice Orthopedic Shoe Post-Op, Male, Medium

The specs of ‘Trainer’s Choice Orthopedic Shoe Post-Op, Male, Medium’ are:

  • Manufacturer: Trainer’s Choice
  • Product Dimensions: 13.2x5x4.9 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 0.8 pounds

Here are some REAL Amazon customer reviews:

“I can’t use this shoe and it cost almost as much to return as charged me- so I hate it (or the use of off-site vendors!)”

“Trainer’s Choice Orthopedic Shoe Post-op Female Large)I ordered what I thought were two pairs of the same shoe just different sizes because I didn’t know what size to order for my 95 year old Mother with very swollen… Read more

“Trainers Choice Orthopedic Shoes Post-Op, Male, Medium”

Ordered men’s shoe as a women’s large isn’t quite long enough that snow and slop splashes on my sock…looks nasty. I went online to order a shoe as my local medical supply company started carrying a shoe with a very cheap hard plastic sole. It caused… Read more

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Orthopedic Shoes Bunion

Orthopedic Shoes Bunion Photos

PDF file Common Foot Ailment Has Surgical Solution
NHRMC Orthopedic Center “A common cause of bunions is wearing shoes that fit poorly or too tightly, which is why bunions tend to affect more women than men,” said Wilm- vances in bunion surgery in recent years, including … Visit Document

Images of Orthopedic Shoes Bunion

PDF file Superior Biomechanics Newsletter Issue 5 Treating Bunions
The development of a bunion, however, tight fitting shoes can often aggravate the bunion during it’s development. to consult an orthopedic surgeon to surgically correct the bunion deformity. Following surgery, the patient will need … Read Here

Orthopedic Shoes – 4 Things You Must Know About Them!

Orthopedic Shoe, And 4 Things You MUST Know About Them… In this video you’ll learn… – One Deadly Misconception That Could…

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  Wikipedia Dr. Scholl’s – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Foot care products and shoes: Parent: Reckitt Benckiser: anticorn pads, cushion insoles, exercise sandals, orthopedic shoes, Foot Wings and Ball-O-Foot Cushions. Established in 1912, William founded the Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine, … Read Article

YouTube Women’s Foot Health – Podiatrist, Foot Doctor Of Podiatric …
• More than 7 out of 10 women have developed a bunion, hammertoe, or other painful foot deformity. High-heeled, pointed-toe shoes can cause numerous orthopedic problems, leading to discomfort or injury to the toes, ankles, knees, calves, and back. … View Video

Orthopedic Shoes Bunion Images

PDF file Post Operative Bunionectomy Pain And Analgesic Drugs: Model …
Hypothesize that the bunionectomy acute pain model responds similarly to major orthopedic surgery in which conservatively (orthotics, wider shoes) Bunion3 Rofecoxib 50mg PO Orthopedic2 Naproxen 500mg PO Orthopedic2 Treatments Effect Size Ibuprofen 400mg PO … Retrieve Here

Orthopedic Shoes Bunion PhotosOrthopedic Shoes and Knee Braces

Tue, 18 Feb 2014 16:46:58 GMT

Shoes are the important contributor to overall personality statement; putting on stylish footwear complimentary to dress is a mandatory habit not only for the.

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Ortho Wedge Healing Shoe Review

Overall Rating (based on Amazon customer reviews): 4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars

Ortho Wedge Healing Shoe Size: Medium

The specs of ‘Ortho Wedge Healing Shoe Size: Medium’ are:

  • Manufacturer: Darco International
  • Product Dimensions: 11x5x4.5 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 1 pounds

Here are some REAL customer reviews:

“I Highly Recommend This Shoe For Broken or Sprain Toes”

I broke my toe, 4th digit and sprain three other toes and managed to badly hurt my foot as well. I was referred to an Orthpaedic Surgeon. He instructed me on how to tape my broken toe to it’s adjoining digits and gave me an orthopedic shoe. The sole of… Read more

“Life saving boot!”

I injured my foot this winter and have been nursing it along with vet wrap for months. Within a week of using this I have seen a HUGE improvement. Wish I would have found this product two months ago.I am a women’s size 11 and might have been… Read more

“Perfect Less Expensive Alternative to Pre Op Boot – Maybe Better!”

I purchased for post bunion and hammertoe surgery. I wear a women’s US 10 and bought this item in its Medium size, it fits well, however, in retrospect, I recommend buying a size larger (i.e. measure a small, get a medium, etc.) because the extra length… Read more


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