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A bunion is a not normal bony protuberance that forms at the base of the big toe where it meets the foot. If you are not sure if you have a bunion check out the bunion photos below this article.

A bunion is really a disarrangement of the joint in the foot and the big toe joint and youbunion photos image
get the tendons that are pulling the toe in an abnormal position and eventually these tendons pull inward and you end up with almost a permanent deformity in the foot.

The joint itself, and the bump is now rubbing on the inside of the sufferers shoes making wearing enclosed shoes more troublesome and uncomfortable and that also exacerbates that abnormal wear and tear, it will start to wear out the cartilage and actually it can help develop arthritis on the inside of that joint.

The foot actually commences to spread out and if you were to gauge the foot over time, the foot will become wider and this can make wearing shoes difficult and uncomfortable. This is because the wider than normal foot in the front of the shoe forces the shoe outward so the back of the shoe is loose. People find sourcing a shoe that is comfortable for them hard. It’s difficult to find shoes that will conform to the deformity but also fit the back of the foot.

bunion photos pictureYou can get a bunion on either foot, it’s become common It has been said that around probably about 75% of sufferers will have a bunion on both feet, the other 25% can have a severe deformity on one foot and the other foot is normal.

So usually when a patient has a severe case of bunions they need to contact a medical professional for at that point it may there be only a surgical option open to them to get practical and permanent relief.

With the surgical procedures available today they can realign the bunion deformity and can straighten it out bringing relief from bunion pain and making wearing shoes much more normal and comfortable. Look at the bunion photos below to determine if you might be a bunion sufferer.

Bunion Photos

Classification and external depicting a bunion Pathophysiology[edit] File:Bunion Progression Scale.
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Other resolutions: 152 × 240 Other resolutions: 156 × 240 Other resolutions: 156 × 240 55% of women have bunions
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File:Bunions Wellcome 55% of women have bunions Other resolutions: 153 × 240 on corns, bunions“, 1848;
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Bunion Surgery.jpg 12 Years a Slave 58 | Flickr from Charlies Bunion, Other resolutions: 156 × 240
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Other resolutions: 145 × 240 Other resolutions: 151 × 240 Other resolutions: 145 × 240 from Charlies Bunion,
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