Do I Need Bunion Surgery?

Do I Need Bunion Surgery?

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Is bunion surgery an option for me? If you’ve been suffering from bunions to the point it is unbearable you may need talk to your physician about the various options for bunion surgery.

Bunion surgical treatment is not always the real answer to bunion problems and seeking out other less involved bunion pain relief solutions could help in many cases. There are many forms of bunion treatment and therapeutic aids available, surgery should be a last I need bunion surgery photo

Bunion surgeries consists of re-alignment of the big toe or “hallu valgus.” What this surgical procedure accomplishes is to correct the misalignment of the big toe and remove any deformities that have resulted from the misalignment.

The bunionectomy is performed using an incision to the left or right of the big toe (depending on which foot), once the incision is made the growth material covering the bone is removed by cutting it away.

Once this process is finished the bone realignment stage begins and this is normally done by reshaping the bone while realigning it with the toe. This may take the use of pins and screws but once this process is finished, the toe area will look normal and in a few weeks you will be able to resume some activity.

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Bunion Surgery

On occasion the problem with this procedure is that it may not always go as planned. This can be due to the extent of the deformity as well as the recovery period If the problem is with the deformity the procedure can take longer and be more extensive. If this is the case, most of this is caused by more bone having to be removed than previously predicted. This by far is not the only issue.

The other issue can be the recovery time. Some patients that have this procedure done do not wait the entire recovery period after bunion surgery; they try to get back on their feet before the full recovery period is over. If this happens, it is possible that patient can cause trauma to this area and tear stitches that are on the inside of the toe and as a result interfere with the recovery process.

Recovery from Bunion Surgical Treatment

These surgical procedures are very delicate and need the full amount of recovery time to be fully effective.

Normally people that suffer from bunions have them on both feet. When seeing your physician about do I need bunion surgery picturea surgical procedure they will normally tell you they will not operate on both feet at once.

Normally they will perform the operation on one side then after full recovery, work on the other.

The healing process is anywhere from 5-8 weeks before you are fully able to walk with full pressure on this area, but many people have stated it is more like 4-6 months.

In the first 4-6 weeks you will wear special surgical shoes until the swelling and pain subsides.

The other requirement is not wearing shoes that are too small as well as not wearing high heels. The surgical procedure is an outpatient process in which you are able to go home after the process is finished.

Although you will need a wheel chair or crutches. Because of the extensive downtime many people opt out of bunion surgery and prefer one of the other less intrusive bunion treatments, to get bunion pain relief.


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pictures of do I need Bunion Surgery Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery Lets You Get Back on Your Feet Sooner

Bunion surgery or bunionectomy in general is a procedure to correct the alignment of the big toe joint. This typically involves an incision at the side of the big toe joint, then the bone is cut across to line up the joint. In some cases, some bone is removed especially if the bunion is too large. Then the bone is pinned in place using metal screws, plates, wires, or pins. Post-operative pain, recovery times, aesthetics, and the whole outcome all depends on the surgical technique used.

Which Surgical Technique is best for Bunions?

There are a lot of things to consider before bunion surgery. Basically, a bunion is a bump at the joint at the base of the big toe. Bunions form due to improper footwear, especially tight pointy high heels. These shoes compress the foot leading to the deviation of the photo of do I need bunion surgeryjoint. A bunion is a progressive condition; the bump will slowly grow over time and the associated pain will get worse as well. Because of this, a lot of people think that bunions form due to new bone growth. The fact is, a bunion is just a displaced joint, the bump that we see is actually the head of the first metatarsal bone. Some surgical techniques, especially traditional bunion surgery require removal of some of the joint bone which is unnecessary since this is still natural bone that is just been displaced. Also, a very long incision is required to allow a lot of room for bone manipulation and cutting. This results to very long painful recovery and an ugly scar after surgery.
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